by  Astus Boats
A new genre of DAY BOATS!

Fast, safe, multihulls.

It all started around the turn of the millenium with the creation by the late Noël Louvet of the MAGNUM 21 & 21S trimarans. These quick, open-cockpit, family, day boats with planing hulls swept aside the traditional concept of the short, fat, heavy, slow, day boat with ballast.

After all, why carry weight around with you when the buoyancy of a float can keep you upright?

Now there is a wide range of trimaran day boats. VirusBoats introduced a smaller Magnum 18 and then in 2004 AstusBoats picked up the idea of the trimaran day boat and have run with it, creating a wide range from an exciting 16ft open cockpit trimaran to 20ft & 22ft & even 24ft trimarans with cabins thereby catering for all tastes and budgets within this genre.

VirusBoats have now ceased manufacturing the Magnum range but as about 500 were made you should have little difficulty in picking up a second hand one.

Meanwhile Astus increased their range in 2013 to include a 20.2XL with a larger cabin than the original 20.2 so it is more comfortable for bigger people to sleep in and NOW even that boat has been superseded by the even more spacious 20.5.

October 2021 sees the launch of the much awaited Astus 22.5 that will accommodate 4 crew and can be ordered in a foiling version! Can't wait for videos of that! The Astus 24 cruising trimaran with 4 berths is a boat in which you can undertake more ambitious adventures further off shore.
  • Yes you can keep any of these boats on a mooring.
  • Yes you can easily trail these lightweight boats.
  • Yes you can easily double the distance you cover in a day's sailing compared to conventional day boats with keels.

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